Therapists believe that the family unit is stronger when working together.

When individual family members face challenge, it likely impacts the entire

family; therefore, change and resolution is best worked on together “.

Mum with infant - Filial Therapy building parental attachment

During Filial Therapy you (parents/caregivers) will learn how to conduct special play times with your child/children. You will also learn several new skills which are extremely beneficial and help to:

  • Strengthen the parent child relationship.
  • Empower you as a parent and increase parenting skills.
  • Better understand your child/children and family.
  • Resolve and prevent problematic behaviours.
  • Learn and acquire new behaviour and skills.
  • Build better communication skills.
  • Build security and trust in your family relationships which can be damaged due to traumatic or challenging life events.
  • Increase emotional development to better understand, express and regulate emotions.

Who is Filial Therapy aimed at?

Filial Therapy is designed for everyone in your immediate family or household to attend, as it strengthens all family relationships. Although you may be attending Filial Therapy to assist a particular child within the family, all children will participate. This does require a whole family commitment, but the benefits are highly rewarding and effective.

Children aged between 2 and 12 years of age are most suited. However, Filial Therapy is adaptable to families with younger and/or older children.

Teenagers and infants can still have special play or activity time, but the play will be adapted to meet the needs and age of your child.

How many sessions would we need to attend?

Filial Therapy can be both an effective short term and long term form of family therapy. The length of Filial Therapy will depend on your family and/or child and your unique challenges. Short term therapy is generally 10 to 12 sessions conducted in one hour weekly sessions. Longer term therapy is generally 15 + sessions. The length of therapy will be determined during our intake meeting after a thorough discussion and review. Filial Therapy is highly flexible, meaning the sessions will be tailored to your family needs and can incorporate telehealth where deemed appropriate.

If you would like to enquire about Filial Therapy for your family, or are a referring professional please contact us using the button below.