Adolescent counselling - teenager listening to therapeutic music

For many teens traditional models of talk based therapy can be quite confronting, embarrassing, and scary, which often results in their unwillingness to participate and lack of attendance. We offer a more gentle approach which can take the fear out of sitting face to face with a therapist.

What is Adolescent Counselling?

Our creative counselling for teens is an evidence based approach using a variety of techniques and modalities, including play therapy, creative art for self expression, music, and sand tray work. Sessions are tailored to your teens interests where possible. For example, there may be opportunities to incorporate their favourite music genre/artists, to bring in games, or share interests from home.

Empowered teenager involved in  adolescent counselling

Will this suit my teen?

All resources used during counselling will be tailored to the age of your teenager.

Your child does not have to be creative or naturally artistic as all techniques are forms of self -expression, without rules or constraints. This is not about creating a pretty picture but about exploration and an opportunity to safely work through problems, issues, and gain an understanding of self which is integral to being a confident young person ready to enter adulthood.

Although you may think play therapy is counselling for children it is also well suited to older children and teenagers. Play is not just a young child’s activity it is something we do for life, although often labelled as hobbies or activities we do in down time, such as gaming, dancing, music, art, etc.

The core values of the therapist is an unconditional positive regard for your child/teen, where they are treated with respect and without judgement.

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